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Christensen Ranger Range Report

I took the new Christensen Ranger out today for its maiden range trip. Before I dive into the performance at the range, I thought it might be useful to have a breakdown of the rifle. As others have said, this rifle is light! 5.1 pounds without a scope! The rifle has a...

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What’s your definition of Accurate?

What’s your definition of accurate? Is it 1 MOA? 1/2 MOA? 1/4 MOA? Minute of a Squirrel’s Head? I see and hear so many people talk about accuracy, as if it’s the same for everyone. I’ve seen people brag about a group that they are proud of...only to have someone tell...

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Rimfire Tactical....what exactly is that supposed to mean? Seriously, what's tactical about a Rimfire rifle or handgun?  Does the military or police use them?  Yes, on occasion...but that's not what we're talking about here... I started using this name when I started...

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